Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post bags II (and the Scoop)

There is a bin for collecting used bags, including Post bags, at 7th and A St SE! Some people might think about putting up similar bins in the parks where dogs go. I think that bags shouldn't be put in other bags, but rather should be put in the bin individually. In any case, I'm giving my bags to my neighbor Dan. Other neighbors said that they would gladly take the bags too. Ask around and see if someone wants your bags.

One cold night, I went around to the various parks and found that kind souls provided new bags for dog owners.
What about creating a bin for used Post and other small bags? Of course, there is always another alternative, reported by Mr. Green: "If you are connected to a municipal sewage treatment plant, an alternative to sending dung to the dump is to buy a pooper scooper (or fashion your own by cutting out the bottom and part of the sides of a plastic jug to make it into a scooper). Scoop up the dog excrement, take it home, and flush it down the toilet." Well, that's all I'm going to say about bags and dogs! For now, maybe just more bins for used Post and other small bags?


  1. I still struggle with whether it's better to re-use a newspaper plastic bag for my dog, or if it's better to recycle that bag. Someone suggested that I use newspaper and then put that + the poop in my composter. Hmmmm...I'm not so sure if I want to do that. My dog and I'm are now trying to use "unrecyclable" the funky crickly pastic ones that lettuce and spinach comes in at Trader Joe's for

  2. Finally, I am getting around to updating the blog! I completely understand the dilemma. At this time, it seems that DC government is just picking up "Plastic bags, e.g., grocery bags, newspaper bags, and shopping bags." I can see that the packaged lettuce bags (as opposed to the generic veggie/fruit bags) may not be recyclable and thus would make great dog bags. I think the big take away is that one should ideally not buy new dog bags (biodegradable or not) because there is an ample supply of used bags, especially Washington Post bags.