Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whole Foods is E-Cycling on 4/17

All the Whole Foods stores in the DC/VA/MD are collecting electronics for recycling on Saturday. The first region-wide Whole Foods Market E-Cycling event in January was able to collect and divert over 169,000 lbs of e-waste from landfills for recycling. This time, the retailer is working to continue this mission and raise awareness that some of the most precious resources on our planet are 100% recyclable and reclaimable. So, bring your electronics (and your natural wine corks) to any Whole Foods on 4/17!

List of acceptable items include:
· Desktop computers, keyboards and mice
· Laptop computers
· Mainframe computer systems
· Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) and monitors
· Modems and telephone boards
· Hard drives, floppy drives and CD ROMs
· Phones, fax machines and telecommunications hardware
· Printers
· Computer boards, CPUs and memory chips, circuit boards
· Connecting wires and cables
**Note: TVs and batteries are not accepted
**Any hard drives in computers will be removed, scrubbed, and destroyed by Esquire Environmental after collection.

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