Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Community gardening is in the air!

Map of Community Gardens in DC
It's amazing how a switch to daylight savings time changes things my routine.  While I now have to drag myself out of bed in the dark in the morning (again - but only for a little while) it's great to have natural light later in the day.  Tonight's dog walk got me thinking about community gardening in DC...so I found a couple of resources I thought I'd share from DC's Field to Fork network.  The site includes this map (from 2009) and what seems to be a fairly complete listing of DC community gardens by neighborhood (from 2010) along with contact information to get a plot. Emailing your community list serv is another good way to learn of other community gardens in your neighborhood.  Community gardening is a great way to get to know your neighbors and to get rid of all that compost that you've got stirred up!  And there's nothing like the taste of those home grown tomatoes in July!!!

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