Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beat the Heat: Cover the Skylight

I love the solar tubes that I have in my house....but as I've tried to keep my electricity bill under control this summer, I have noticed how much heat they bring into my house. To reduce the heat, I'm covering them with some paper or cloth.  This will allow some light to still come in.  You can buy shades designed to cover skylights.  OR..why not cover it with a favor piece of material or work of art...or even wrapping paper. It will give your ceiling a new look...and give your electricity bill some welcome relief!


  1. A skylight combines energy-efficiency with design. If you’re troubled by having too much light entering your home, especially during summer, you can also consider putting skylight blinds. It would protect your window while giving you full control over the amount of light you desire to allow into your home space.

    Galliena Gornet

  2. Installing skylight in your house would definitely cut down the cost of your electricity. Like Galliena said, skylight is energy-efficient and decorative at the same time. It can add some aesthetic value in your home and provides natural light to the space.


  3. You know, it’s not always the light that causes heat. Air-leaks and heat radiation are also common issues when it comes to skylights, so I hope you checked that out as well. Anyway, I think you did great by covering it with cloth. Of course, it’s a bit of a trial and error, but getting the right cloth will soften the light while not altering its color.

    Chantay Smithingell

  4. I like the idea of using wallpaper to cover the skylight. :) I’d like to digress a bit, since I know you’re into saving and being green. What are your thoughts about installing a light tube? The concept may be old, but I think houses need this more than ever. The principle behind it is simple: provide the room with adequate lighting and save money on electricity.

    Tiffany Larsen

  5. Hi there...I have 3 light tubes in my house! I LOVE them! They bring in moonlight at night and plenty of light during the day. I'm a huge fan!...and they didn't leak a bit during Sandy!

  6. Having a skylight is one of the most practical ways to save electricity. In this way, you don't have to switch open any lights until twilight, perhaps. To get rid of the heat that it brings in, however, you may cover it with thin sheets or wrapping materials.

    Lenore Lung