Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recycling Paperbacks..and Magazines for a Cause: DC Books to Prison Project!

Wondering what to do with all those great books you have now that you’re reading off of your Kindle? The DC Books to Prisons Project may be your answer! The program provides free books to 150 prisons across the country and develops and supports local prison libraries. Most prisons do not accept hardback books, so paperbacks are preferred. Most needed non-fiction include dictionaries (English, Spanish-English), Spanish Textbooks, atlases and almanacs, drawing or art, science and alternative energy (including science magazines like Discover or Scientific American), how-to (especially woodworking, plumbing, car mechanics, small motor repair), GED preparation, farming and agriculture, personal finance or starting a business, American Indians, Mayans, or Aztecs and African American, Latin American, or classical (Roman,Greek) history. Popular fiction requests include westerns and urban or street lit.

Books can be dropped off on Wednesday evenings (6-9 PM) at Foundry United Methodist Church located at 1500 16th St NW, Washington DC, 20036. A core volunteer is usually there during and can arrange to have people carry the books for you while you stay with your car. If Wednesday evening is not possible, you can call the church at 202.332.4010.

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