Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A New Coalition for DC’s Other River: United for a Healthy Anacostia

This month, environmental, community, business and religious groups across the DC Area have banned together to form a new coalition – United for a Healthy Anacostia River (UHAR) to improve conditions on the Anacostia River. While there’s less litter along the River’s streambanks these days, there are still dangerous chemicals in the riverbed and at certain places along the river bank that put humans and aquatic life at risk.  The Coalition is launching a social media campaign to awareness about conditions in the Anacostia The Coalition’s first effort is an online petition addressed to Mayor Gray and members of the DC Council, requesting:

1.      All of the PCBs, PAHs and other toxic chemicals in the tidal Anacostia River, including sites along the shore and legacy toxics in the riverbed sediments must be cleaned up
2.      Planning must be completed and the actual cleanup of the river bottom underway by midway through the next mayor's term (January 2017) 

Please sign UHAR’s petition for a cleaner Anacostia. As the weather warms, plan to participate in a river cleanup on April 5th, or take a bike or canoe trip along the Anacostia or visit Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens to see for yourself how beautiful this often forgotten river is!

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