Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey DC, Need a Composting Bin?

Upcycle a Recycling Bin for Composting!
DC is full of surprises, and this year, DC residents were (ummm, pleasantly) surprised to learn that homeowners are receiving new ...and larger recycling and trash bins.  While good news, it also means that there are now a LOT ..and I mean A LOT of unwanted recycling and trash bins that are heading to the landfill. So, what's the solution? Why not make a compost bin out of your old recycling or trash container???!! It's REALLY EASY to do this! Just drill some holes in the bottom and sides of your old bin. You can do this with a hammer and nail if you don't have a drill. Label the bin(s) as "Compost". Start filling with a health mix of biodegradables (food waste, leaves, newspapers, and a tad of water now and then). Stir occasionally with an old broom handle and in a couple of months you'll have some quality compost.  Keep both old bins around to let some compost mature while you start a new batch.  

If you didn't receive a new bin, ask around.  Chances are good that one of your neighbors or a friend in another Ward still has an old bin on hand. Composting + recycling will drastically cut down the amount of trash that you send to the landfill.  Check out this link for some Composting 101 tips. Enjoy!

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