Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let your favorite wine/liquor store know about ReCork

Yesterday, I wrote an email to my favorite wine store, Schneider's here on Capitol Hill, to ask them whether they were considering collecting wine corks for recycling. They said that they hadn't heard about the cork recycling programs and they were going to look into it. Talk with your favorite wine/liquor store about cork recycling. There are great programs. Here's my letter to give you some ideas.

I regularly benefit from your great store. I was wondering whether Schneider's was thinking about collecting corks for recycling. Cork and Fork (with a new NW location) collects corks for recycling:

Whole Foods does too. These stores generally work through ReCork:

ReCork and other organizations are turning cork into shoes, floor tiles, etc. Also, by having people recycle natural cork, they will likely buy wines with natural cork and help support the sustainable cork business in the Mediterranean (supporting 100,000 jobs).

World Wildlife Fund is encouraging us to do this:

It seems relatively easy to be a collection partner with ReCork:

I just wanted to let you know about this, but you probably already know all about it. Thanks for considering it!


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