Monday, May 31, 2010

Save a tree, buy cork!

After several days seeing cork trees and cork products around Lisbon, the DC Recycler has become a convert to cork. Cork today can replace leather, plastic, and wood. Portuguese companies, like Pelcor and Artelusa , use cork to make umbrellas, backpacks, fashionable bags, wallets, hats, belts, notebook covers, and so on. Cork can also be used for insulation, and it repels water, sound, and heat/cold. It can be recycled and helps to save jobs and the environment in Portugal and elsewhere. 100,000 jobs in the Mediterranean rely on cork production. Buy wines with natural cork stoppers (no more plastic corks!) and recycle the cork. Save a tree and jobs, buy cork!


  1. Hello Johanna
    You gave me a wrong e-mail
    I´m glad that you find a tree and PELCOR

  2. Hi João,
    It must have been my horrible handwriting. I'm sorry about that. Thank you for a great wine tasting. If you have any new cork info, let me know:
    Evora was beautiful and full of cork trees.