Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New DC Policy for Recycling Bins!

Treat me nicely!
I'm a precious commodity!
Citing budget cuts and a high demand for recycling bins, trash cans and super cans, the DC government announced that as of April 25, 2011, they'll begin charging residents for replacement bins.  The 32 gallon bins will cost $45 while the Supercans used in areas where trash is picked up only once a week will cost $62.50.  Senior citizens will have to pay the same price as all other residents. Supercans are still being repaired by DPW free of charge. You can call 311 or 737-4404 to have your recycling or trash bin or Supercan disposed of or repaired . Further details, including a link to a website that will tell you the day of the week the recycle bins on your street or alley are picked up can be found here!


  1. I'm wondering if we'll see the garbage and recycling cans disappear if they are left out in alleys... and resold in some other way. I certainly cannot remember which of the cans are mine (it's a game of musical garbage cans in our alley), even though they have some sort of serial number on them.

  2. I'm wondering if they are telling their sanitation team that picks up the recycling to respect the cans more. They certainly can't expect these to last forever, but they would last longer if the sanitation team respected them more.

  3. I have a musical garbage/recycle can alley as well. Some neighbors have spraypainted or permamarked their cans as theirs. It doesn't necessarily keep other folks from using them..but it can't hurt.