Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hopefully, you've been able to take advantage of some of the great cycling events here in the city over the last couple of days.  The weather was perfect for Friday's Bike to Work day and Sunday's Bike DC...which was more like Bike Very Northern Virginia...was a great success as well. do you recycle the cycle...and all those accessories when the time comes to do so?   As an avid cyclist, I've finally found some good local outlets...that all contribute to the same great cause.  City Bikes in Adams Morgan, Bike Rack @ Q & 14th NW, and Bicycle Space at Eye and 4th NW will take your old bikes and donate them to Bikes for the World (BfW) located out in Arlington. All of these shops as well as Capitol Hill Bikes and City Bikes Cap Hill- both on 8th St. SE will take your reusable tubes (eg, no busted valves) tires, tools, seats, wheels, parts and donate them to BfW.  (Apparently, even our spent tires, tubes and parts are better quality that what a lot of folks can buy in developing countries). There are a couple of bike shops out in NoVa that contribute to this great cause....and there must be some shops in Maryland that do the same.  Apparently, Montgomery County's Shady Grove Transfer Station has a dedicated BfW space that's fenced off..and in 2010 some 1400 bikes and parts were culled from regular trash, pulled out of the waste stream and sent off to developing countries to be reused.   Hmmm..could Fort Totten do the same???

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