Thursday, August 11, 2011

Christmas in August...or at least prepping for it

Penzey's is probably trembling!
My herb garden has been a huge success this year, and even I can't consume all those wonderful leaves...not even all the basil.  I know the bleak winter months are just around the corner...and I know how expensive herbs are when you buy them at the I'm hard can it be to dry my own?  Turns out, it's really very easy.  All you need is string, herbs, a dry spot, and time..and you're set.  I've got basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme drying in my laundry closet (it's dry there and the herbs won't absorb kitchen/cooking odors as they dry....and my laundry might absorb some of those great smells). It will take the leaves of each about 4 weeks to dry thoroughly..and then they'll be ready to be stored in jars.  I've been asking folks for baby food jars at work..and they're a great size for such things.  I know these herbs are organic...and I think they'll make great gifts. 

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