Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some Good News! More Cork Recycling, Free Compost, and Additional Hours for Recycling Hazardous Waste

I don't know about you, but after all the talk about the debt ceiling, the S&P downgrading, and other news of doom and gloom, I'm ready for some good news.  Here are a couple of positive ...albeit small things that I'm happy about:

  • Schneider's of Capitol Hill has started recycling (real) corks through ReCork!!! The previoius DCR lobbied Schneider's to do this for a long time...and her efforts have paid off!  See if you can get your local liquor/grocery store to join this effort.  There's a list of other groups that recycle cork on the right hand column of this blog. (and yes, buying wines with real cork is a good thing.  Cork is a renewable resource and employs many folks!).
  • The DC Government is offering free compost at the Fort Totten Transfer Station every Saturday between 8am-3pm.
  • DC is also expanding its hazardous waste collection hours.  In addition to their first Saturday of the month hours (from 8am-3pm), you can now dispose of hazardous waste and e-cycling at Fort Totten on every first Thursday of the month between 1-7pm. A list of what they'll take..and not is here!
  • Capital Bikeshare is piloting a project with DDOT to provide bike helmets to tourists who use the program while visiting the city. DDOT is also giving out 500 helmets to frequent (daily) Bikeshare users in an effort to encourage helmet use.


  1. Did you know that the corks ReCork collects are traveling thousands of miles to Asia? This eliminates any environmental benefit from keeping them out of landfills and takes jobs away from Americans. Green Washing!

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