Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who Ya Gunna Vote For? - Voting Green in DC's 2012 Election

If you're like me, you can't wait until the election is over.  The ads are enough to drive anyone nuts, and in the District, we're not even a swing state. 

But, do you know where to vote?
Do you know all of the offices that are up for election in your Ward?
Have you thought about who you are going to vote for?
To find your polling place, go to http://www.dcboee.org/voter_info/find_pollingplace/

The DC Board of Elections prints a handy-dandy and easy to read Voter's Guide.  You should have received a copy in the mail...and this year they were sent out well before the election! (I've received my guide the day or two after the election too many times).  This guide is a great resource and includes information on early voting places and times, absentee voting, accessibility for disabled residents, as well as a list of candidates up for election by position and Ward.

What Offices are Up for Election?
In addition to President and DC Representative, as a DC resident you'll also be able to vote for DC City Council Chair, two At-Large City Council positions, two US "Shadow" Senators and an At-Large Member of the State Board of Education.  In addition, residents of Wards 2, 4, 7 and 8 will be voting for DC Council candidates and State Board of Education candidates.  There are also a host of Area Neighborhood Commission (ANC) elections. Knowing your ANC candidate is the best way to ensure that your voice is heard in DC government!

Who Are the Environmental Candidates?
I've long looked to the Sierra Club for their endorsements for environmentally-minded candidates.  For this election, they've endorsed Phil Mendelson for DC City Council Chair and David Grosso and Ann Wilcox for the At-Large positions.  They've also endorsed some Ward Council candidates.  For a full list, check out http://www.dc.sierraclub.org/news/detail.asp?ID=320.

The Sierra Club also published a Nation-wide Voter's Guide, though (sadly) DC is not included.  Still this may be a good resource for some of your friends, so spread the word!

Most importantly VOTE..and tell your friends to vote, too!

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