Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DC Recycler 2013 Gift Guide: What to give someone who has EVERYTHING?!

Update! I love it when I learn about new options from readers!  Check out PaperKarma for unsubscribing from mail. 

We all have those folks on our list who really don't need - or want anything. But you can't just leave them high and dry while others enjoy the day.           

Soooo, what are you going to get them?  Why not give them a huge and precious gift that will make them happy and help save a few trees and a bit of carbon?  
This used to be a tree.


With the "Unsubscribe" gift, you take the time to unsubscribe them from all the junk mail and calls they receive.  This gift is particularly attractive to older folks and young parents who just don't have the time or savvy to do this. It will take some time, put there are a few tools to help make this an easier task.  
  • Catalog Choice is a great starting point.  You can create a free account and opt out of most of the catalogs, credit card offers, etc that you receive.
  • The National DO NOT CALL Registry is another jewel. While you may have signed up a few years ago, registration expires after 5 years, so you may need to reup. For any other calls that get through, I kindly ask them to remove me from their lists. 
  • You can opt out of the YellowPages by going to this website
  • Then, there are those mailings that are addressed to no one, only to your address.  Click here to opt out of those pesky RedPlum Coupon mailings. Call (202) 334-7730 to stop receiving the Washington Post Shopping Guide.
  • As for all that mail you receive from the non profits you love - or have never heard of, I find it best to call them individually.  You can usually find a phone number on their mailing, or look it up.  It's tedious...but you can get rid of the mail.  
Most people will recognize the true value of this gift, and be ever grateful for your efforts!  Happy no junk mail holidays!


  1. Check out PaperKarma. It's an app - you take a pic of the junk mail with your phone, and it automatically unsubscribes you. It's AMAZING.

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