Monday, December 16, 2013

DC Recycler 2013 Green Gift Guide: composting service

If you read this blog, you know
I'm a HUGE fan of composting. Composting has reduced my garbage by more than half..o..and coupled with recycling and free cycling, it means I throw out trash (minus dog poop) about once a month.  BUT, what about apartment dwellers?  There are two door to door composting companies here in DC.  Why not buy a composting subscription to one of them?

CompostCab offers doorstep composting in DC for less than $8 per week and a composting start up kit that includes a countertop compost bin, a larger collection bin, compostable liners, a composting guide, a CompostCab tote bag and a one pound bag of worm castings.....all for $49. Meanwhile, while FatWormCompost offers service for about the same price (as low as $30 per month). Get someone else hooked on composting!

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