Saturday, June 4, 2011

I < 3 Capital Bikeshare

As someone who has 3 bikes (none with a motor) I’m not an obvious target audience for the Capital Bikeshare program.  Nevertheless, I’m a huge fan.  Here’s why…and why you might consider joining the program.

  • There are currently 110 bikeshare stations around DC and Arlington...and more are on the way! Here's a map!
  • The bikes are great to ride when you need to need to look good at your end destination.  The chains are covered, so you’re not going to get grease on your slacks cuff.  The seats are up right…and there’s no crossbar, so skirts and dresses don’t hike up as easily.  The pedals are flat…so they’re easy to ride – even in heels.
  • I usually ride a bike to work, but when I go out afterwards with coworkers, I want to walk with them.  On those days, it’s great to hop a bikeshare bike to work, go out with my friends after work, and then hop a bikeshare home from where ever we end up.
  • I don’t have to lug around a lock. (I do lug around my helmet). :)
  • There's a cool app that you can easily download to your smartphone that will tell you where stations are located. This is great as there are new ones popping up all the time.
  • The website has a great Capital Bikeshare 101 video.....even in EspaƱol, pues!
  • If there’s not a bike when you want to pick up a bike, you can hit the “options” button at the kiosk to find where the nearest stations are…along with a real time status of how many bikes and free docks are available.
  • It’s great when visitors come to town and you need that extra bike…but just for a couple of days. There are all sorts of memberships – ranging from 24 hours, to 5 days, to 30 days to a year...and the first 30 minutes are free!  You don't have to have a membership key for a 24 hour or 5 day membership.  Just walk up to any kiosk with your credit card handy and you can be biking in 2 minutes!
  • The bikes are easily adjustable…and the seat stem is designed to adapt to a wide range of heights.
  • The bikes are retro and HEAVY in that hippsta kinda way.  They aren’t designed for any speedster!  AND, they have that nifty bag holder right on the front of the bike!
  • There’s a light built in to the bike..and your pedaling generates power for the light.  This is great for those late night rides home.
  • If there’s free docking station at your preferred kiosk, just put in your key or credit card at the kiosk, and you’ll be given an extra 15 minutes and a real time update of nearby stations and the number of bikes and docking stations available.
  • There’s now a nifty dashboard that will provide all of us biker geeks with all sorts of stats on ridership.
  • Finally, consider joining just to support this great asset to our city!  Go bikes...and ride safely!