Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Timely Composting Primer: It's easier than you might think!

A guest blog by Sam from Organic Lesson

According to a study conducted by Duke University’s Center for Sustainability, the average person produces around 4.3 pounds of waste every day. As a result of all the waste we’ve been throwing away, the stress on not just the environment but also on landfills has been slowly reaching pressure point. One way we can help reduce such problems is by composting our own organic waste.
Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Many consumers avoid composting because of a number of misconceptions. For example, people may believe that composting will always lead to a huge, nasty odor. That isn’t always the case. As shown by this infographic created by Organic Lesson there are some methods that can be used, such as vermicomposting, that are much cleaner and better organized.

Composting is also not that complicated. It can be as simple as dumping all your organic waste into the corner of your backyard. What one does have to be aware of though is the good and bad composting items. As you look more into the infographic, you will notice a number of waste items that will help you yield better results. Happy composting!