Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Creative (and less waste) Wrapping!

As a "zero waster" wanna-be, I like to be creative in my wrapping. I receive maps and colorful advertising in the mail over the course of the year, and I save these and use them for wrapping.  I add some of my own (humble) artwork to make it mine. The comics pages from the post also provide interesting wrapping fodder.  I also receive a plethora of address labels - more than I could use in a lifetime - every year.  (Could someone pleeeeaazzzzzzzzzze tell the non profits to move on from this wasteful habit?).  Anyhow and on the bright side, those little address labels make ideal wrapping tape. They're just the right size!  So happy upcycling wrapping!   ...and happy holidays to one and all!