Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Making Seitan - It's sooooo easy and inexpensive!

Seitan: It's not pretty but it's surprisingly good!
Am I the last person on earth to know about seitan? I first tasted it when I opted out of my friend's chili because it tasted like it had meat in it.  THAT was seitan.  Seitan is a high-protein vegetarian food made from cooked wheat gluten (which I found at Yes! Organic).  It's high in protein and low in cholesterol and fat. It can be used as a tofu substitute. You knead and add spices to it - and then let it simmer. It's now in my freezer. I followed this recipe on Epicurious - and found the comments to be very helpful. It was surprisingly easy to make and very inexpensive compared to the price you pay in any store.  I'm heading to the beach in a couple of weeks, and planning on cooking up a big pot of vegetarian chili. Seitan will be a key ingredient!