Friday, June 29, 2018

Worm Composting - just do it

This is my worm bin that I bought 
on Craigs List.  But you can make your own! ,
I have worms.  A lot of them.  And they're in the hallway of my home.  Most dinner guests have no idea that they're in the company of hundreds (thousands?) of worms who are also enjoying a meal.   

Why do I vermicompost (compost with worms)?  

Frankly, because I'm amazed by what these small animals can digest and the amazing fertilizer they make.  They're a great conversation filler, and they're ideal for small spaces such as DC houses, condos, and apartments. 

My worms enjoy feeding on the 
Washington Post funny papers.
I was concerned about smells, but with a good mix of food scraps and browns  (newspaper, dried leaves and/or grass) even in these very hot days of summer there's no odor.  

And the compost that these squiggly invertebrates make is amazingly rich!  Just a tablespoon will give your houseplants a boost. (Guess what my friends and family are getting for Christmas?!) 

In the coming months, DC government will offering training and rebates to residents who want to compost and vermicompost.  Stay tuned!

And, by worm composting, you'll be keeping food waste out of the waste stream where it contributes to greenhouse gasses.  Every single action helps! 

As a side note, I've been terrible about posting to this blog, but I'm recommitting to it.  Our environment is under threat like never before - and we need it.  There are many simple and low cost ways to help save the world.


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