Thursday, January 6, 2011

Corks, Recycling, and You

Can you help the DC Recycler? Schneider's on the Hill is all set to collect corks, but they haven't put out their collection box yet. They have a collection box and a recycling company to work with. They just need to find a spot in the store to place the box. In the meantime, I collect corks and take them over to Whole Foods by Metro (I don't have a car and actually don't shop at Whole Foods). It would be so great if Schneider's collected corks since I and many other Hillies are customers there!

Can you contact Schneider's either by phone (202.543.9300), email (, or in person and say something like, "I hear that you'll be collecting corks for recycling soon. When will this be? Thank you for doing this!" We love Schneider's, and cork collection there would make it even greater. Also, this would really help the DC Recycler out a lot. Thank you!

P.S. Remember that plastic corks are not recyclable and not sustainable environmentally or socially (natural corks maintain a regional economy in the Mediterranean for something like 100,000 workers), so choose wine with natural corks (or twist tops but they aren't recyclable). World Wildlife Fund recommends natural corks. Save the cork forests! Save jobs!

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