Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Recycling Pal Cathy

Dear DC Recycler,
I love your blog, and I appreciate the list of places you mention that will recycle certain products. I hope that your blog will encourage readers to think outside the box a bit when it comes to recycling. For example, I've found that almost ANY UPS/Mailbox store will accept "used" styro peanuts AND those plastic inflated bags that now seem to be the mode as well as that "foamy like" paper stuff that's used. I recently swapped out my old wire coat hangers for nicer ones, so I dropped off my old ones at a local dry cleaner. THEN, I needed some extra coat hangers for a winter party, so I went back to a drycleaner and picked up some used wire hangers..and then dropped them back off after the party. I bought myself some lovely gerber daisies the other day..and after they lost their bloom, I dropped off the plastic stem sticks at a local florist. They were thrilled. Once I finish with my magazines, I take them to work and put them in the kitchen where they're gone in a minute. I'd love to hear other creative ideas for recycling from your readers!

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