Saturday, January 8, 2011

Greater Goods store

I was just up at Greater Goods store on U St. The owner is such a great resource. After thinking about ways to get rid of plastics, I decided to buy some corn garbage bags that fit my garbage can, which he sells too. He sells 50 bags for $5, which was a lot less than I was expecting to pay. If the bags end up in the landfill, they might decompose. If the bags end up in the Fairfax incinerator, they won't cause more air pollution. Greater Goods also has some great reusable sandwich bags (LunchSkins invented by some women in Bethesda and made in PA), water bottles (a big Kleen Kanteen shipment is coming in next week), natural cleaning sponges, water filtering systems, and a bunch of other great items. Thanks, Greater Goods!

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