Friday, January 7, 2011

Corks, Recycling, and You (Continued)

So, I've been collecting corks from Hayden's, friends, and neighbors (they suddenly appear on my doorstep!) for my journey by Metro to Whole Foods. I sorted through all the corks and removed the plastic ones, which you can see in the above picture. These plastic corks will all go in the garbage and to the landfill now. So, please don't buy wine with plastic corks. I've bought $3 and $4 wine with natural corks, so it isn't a matter of cost. It is a matter of saving the 100,000 jobs in the Mediterranean and the acres and acres of cork trees.

Below are the two very large shopping bags that I am bringing on the Metro to Whole Foods to their collection station, which is one floor down from the main floor right in front of the elevators. It would be sooooooo great if Schneider's and other wine stores would collect corks! There are great organizations to work with, such as:Let your local wine store know about these organizations. Maybe you can interest them in collecting corks too. Let me know if you find other businesses collecting corks, Brita water filters, etc. Thanks!


  1. What do they do with all the recycled cork?

  2. They make it into flooring and other products. Yemm and Hart just sent us some "thank you" examples of their goods. I'll post pictures soon.