Monday, January 3, 2011

Shout out for Freecycle

Dear DC Recycler, I'm just writing to tout my great appreciation for the freecycle network and FreecycleDC. This site is amazing as it's allowed me to recycle things that I knew were still of use...but just needed that "special someone" to find it. In the last year, I've freecycled foamed rubber stuffing from a pillow that my dog chewed up, moving boxes, a lamp, plates, a (large and heavy) futon and frame, a small file cabinet, very cool art work I found in a trash can, old light fixtures, and a security gate for a back door. Sometimes I meet the people who pick up the goodies, but often I just leave the stuff on my front stoop. When I have met the folks, I've found them to be great people who are just interested in moving things along in the world. I hope you'll encourage folks to use this great service!

Recycler 123

P.S. When I joined the Yahoo Group for Freecycle DC I opted out of their emails and even their daily you can opt in...or out of the large amount of traffic on the site.

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